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Shihan Dana Abbott Biography Training Center Hombu Dojo Japan

Samurai SportsSamurai Sports was founded by Shihan Dana Abbott in 1998 is a traditional and combative Japanese sword training establishment. Samurai Sports' goal is to help martial arts instructors and school owners incorporate Japanese sword programs such as kendo, goshindo and youth sports chanbara into their schoolsÉin the same fashion as seen in Japan. Samurai Sports' methods and training are unsurpassed.

Samurai Sports offers unparalleled expertise and experience, plus challenging programs for all. Samurai Sports' programs include test cutting, sword drawing and kata forms for general instruction. Sports Chanbara, children's role-playing programs, padded weaponry programs created by the Japanese Department of Education and Recreation are available for children's instruction.

Intensive one-on-one individual courses are available for those who are motivated to go further. Samurai Sports' also offers seminars to martial arts schools in and out of the area. Information available upon request. Contact us.



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