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Arizona Sword InstructionDana Gregory Abbott offers private classes in his local Scottsdale, Arizona area as well as intensive courses/seminars for martial arts school owners and instructors throughout the USA. Click here for more information.

A decade and half after pursuing his dream of mastering martial arts in Japan, Shihan Dana Abbott returned home to Scottsdale, Arizona, to introduce Japanese swordsmanship into the martial arts industry. Upon arrival, he proceeded to establish the corporation Samurai Sports, Inc., which offered the martial arts community a viable way to learn and instruct the sword to the masses. He also invented and patented the ActionFlex combative sword, which is now commonly used throughout the world.

Black Belt Hall of Fame inductee Shihan Abbott is looking for individuals who want to do something different over and above the general populace. Those that desire to add bit of zing and pizzazz to their lives can look forward to sharing his extensive adventures of the sword and the Eastern culture. You will not only learn kenjutsu, the study of the sword and the art of self-defense, you will also experience many of the Japanese traditions, protocols and formalities. For those who prefer to study alone in the privacy of their own home or office, you can do so through my "Have Sword Will Travel instruction."

Shihan AbbottLocal private and semi-private classes

Private, semi-private and intensive classes are offered at the North Scottsdale School (Scottsdale Martial Arts Center). Click here for the class schedule.

Private and semi-private classes are also offered in far North Scottsdale. Call 480-575-7319 for more information.


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