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Samurai Sports offers several ways to study and learn about the samurai sword. Take a look below to see our courses, books, and training manuals. DVDs are available by clicking here or check out our downloadable videos. A strong foundation and approach are offered to either serious or recreational sword students as well as teachers or schools.

Books and Instruction Manuals

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The Samurai Sword Tachi-Iai Kodachi-Iai Sword Curriculum for Instructors

Fellow Martial Artist, Jason Kelly, Publishes a Book on Coaching

A Guide to Youth Sports for Parents and Coaches

A Guide to Youth Sports

A Guide to Youth Sports for Parents and Coaches is written by a youth sports coach for those adults who coach and participate in youth sports. Author Jason Kelly apprenticed under some of youth sports' top trainers and coaches, including AAU coaches and officials, US Soccer Federation trainers, and Olympic National Governing Organization captains, coaches, and athletes. Jason Kelly has been an active youth sports coach since 1994. Kelly's passionate belief that youth sports help to positively mold children has been the driving force behind his never-ending quest to become a better youth coach.

Based on a framework Jason Kelly developed for coaching youth athletics, A Guide to Youth Sports for Parents and Coaches provides tools to ensure children receive the best possible sporting experience.

This book is available for purchase at,, iTunes, and/or your local bookstore.


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