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For the past 3 decades the pursuit of perfection in learning the Japanese sword has been Shihan Abbott's goal. Living in Japan for over 15 years allowed him to work and learn with the masters of the sword, which is extremely rare for an American to have that experience. Thus, his technique is very Orient influenced being clean, strong and intimidating to an opponent.

To enhance your journey into Shihan Abbott's world he has written the series The Samurai Sword which consists of training manuals, books, DVDs and now . . . a long distance training course. Each training method relates to the other and allows you to effectively understand the simplicity of technique.

The Samurai Sword series is broken down into four separate "hands on" information and training tools. Starting with The Samurai Sword, An Introduction & Application, a must read book gives an informational overview of the Japanese sword and applicable technique. This book teaches everything from appropriate apparel, ritual and protocol, to executing techniques used for hundreds of years.

The second of the The Samurai Sword series is called The Samurai Sword, Tachi-iai Japanese Long Sword Training and Ranking Manual. Tachi-iai manual will take you through each and every movement and technique used in the Toyama sword system designed for the Japanese military. This ranking manual has been especially written for you to be able to comprehend and duplicate each and every movement that is required for certification and rank.

The third of the The Samurai Sword series is called The Samurai Sword, Kodachi-iai Japanese Short Sword Training and Ranking Manual. Kodachi-iai takes your studies to a different plateau giving you the understanding of how to manipulate a Japanese short sword also known throughout the ages as a wakizashi. Kodachi-iai has been written for comprehension and duplication of each and every movement that is required for certification and rank.

The fourth of the The Samurai Sword series is called Samurai Sword Instructor's Course. This course is specifically designed for instructors who want to incorporate chanbara or a padded weaponry program into the school. This manual offers a combination of traditional and combative swordsmanship. When you add this Instructor's Course into your school curriculum you and your staff will be teaching from the same page thus avoiding any confusion on the part of your students. This program will defiantly enhance your retention percentage and is extremely school friendly regardless of your curriculum. Any question? Give us a call 1-480-575-7319.

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